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We designed this process to be very simple to retrieve assets. A guardian receives a message notifying them that they have been made a beneficiary. As the beneficiary, to activate inheritance, you simply press a button on the app – no crypto knowledge required. 

Since the Vault12 solution allows storing any kind of assets and any kind of file, if the owner bequests his assets to a family member with no prior crypto knowledge, he can simply include detailed instructions (say, a PDF file) in his Vault, perhaps as simple as “Install wallet X and enter these words into it during the setup.”

We believe Digital Inheritance should be a natural right of any self-reliant digital citizen of the world, and we simply provide the tool of such digital self-sovereignty. How exactly each person leverages the power of our tool is fundamentally up to them. 

The process is described here: In-depth process is described here:

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