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Beryl is involved in the OTC crypto asset space and has been trading cryptocurrency since late 2013. She is the founder and CEO of CapchainX, the first crypto equity tokenization platform to create, manage and transfer asset tokens on the blockchain. She was a founding team member and Entrepreneur In Residence at, a leading crypto exchange and blockchain payments startup in Asia. Her experience includes FX Quants at Blackrock, London backtesting trading algorithms for a consulting project. She was Senior Consultant at the Department of ICT authoring the Philippine Roadmap for Digital Startups, a framework in building the local startup ecosystem. She started her career in early-stage VC, SeedAsia, in 2012.

Beryl holds a Master of Finance degree from Cambridge University where she sat as President of the Cambridge University Cryptocurrency Society. She attended Stanford University earning an International Management Certificate during the Summer Session and earned her bachelors in International Business, Finance, and Economics at Manchester University.

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