Update 2019: Vault12 Trial Edition Now Available.


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Update 2019: Vault12 Trial Edition Now Available.

Vault12 Beta testing is now complete and we are now ready to run Vault12 in trial mode for a few months.

- Vault12 will be available in the iOS/Android app store.
- No more TestFlight requirements to install and try the app - now anyone you invite will be able to join your vault straight away.
- During the trial period, all Vaults (and Guardians) are free!
- All Vaults will have a fixed duration of one (1) month.

During the Beta phase, we got very good coverage of testing and finding edge cases. Many thanks to our amazing community for all your help with that. The purpose of trial mode is to test the scalability of the Zax Relay Network and (slowly) increase the number of concurrent users on the platform while monitoring network performance and to surface any scalability fixes we might need to do. The current plan is to keep testing and scaling during the Sept-Oct period and end the trial by the end of October. During this phase best efforts to test and deploying live Zax Relays will certainly be recognized for community rewards.

When trial mode ends:
- All existing Vaults will expire.
- There will be one freemium Vault plan with limitations.
- Creating new non-free Vaults will require VGT or ETH fees.
- Guardians will be able to charge ETH for the service (or offer their service for free if they wish).

Overall, the end of trial mode will mean all testing provisions will be removed and version 1.0 of the platform will be fully live.


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