Haven for Digital Resistance

Haven for Digital Resistance

Freedom, Liberty and Equal Justice for All

We believe that every person in the world has the right to freedom, democracy, and equal justice regardless ofwho they are, where they live or what they believe.

With many, many places in the world under duress by authoritarian forces, we want to make sure that people have a safe haven for digital evidence – photographs of election tampering, video footage of government forces, foreign aggression, and war crimes, documentary evidence of abductions of protestors, and torture of activists amongst other things.

Vault12 as a Safe Haven

The Vault12 app gives you a simple and safe way to store this type of digital evidence, away from the reach of governments and hackers. Nothing is stored in the cloud, nothing is stored locally. Once you have set up a Vault and added your digital files, they are encrypted and distributed to your circle of friends and family (trusted people that you select). If you delete the app from your phone, the files can be recovered at a later point in time, nothing remains on your phone, so even if it is confiscated there will be no evidence that can be retrieved from your device by anyone.

Your Vault is protected by "Guardians", these are trusted people that you know, preferably a subset is people residing outside of the region you are in. Guardians will hold an encrypted portion of your file, without being able to see what it is exactly. When you request access to the file or want to recover your Vault onto a new phone, they will signal an 'OK' and the pieces will be returned to you. You can at any point change out a Guardian and the system will readjust automatically, making sure your encrypted files are again protected by the new set of Guardians.

We hope Vault12 can be used as an effective safe haven for sensitive material, we will fund any Vault used for this purpose for its lifetime, so you never have to worry.

To learn more about how this works you can watch a YouTube video here.

Vault12 - How it Works - Dana

Vault12 is the first personal crypto security platform that protects your cryptocurrency assets. Harnessing Decentralized Security (DeSec) it leverages your ...

To try this out for free – please download the app from this specific link and select the Max plan as a 30-day trial – this will give you a flexible amount of storage suitable for video and photographic evidence. There is one more step to ensure your Vault is funded by us for its lifetime – please read detailed instructions on the download page.