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Vault12 December 2018 Progress Update

Hello, wanted to wrap up the year with a super quick update:

  1. On the ICO front, token generation is complete and Vault Guardian Tokens (VGT) have been distributed to all investors. To see how we executed the Token Generation, read our Token Distribution Summary Report.

2. Exchanges — Currently VGT, which is a security token, is not authorized to be listed on any exchange. We are working with exchanges that plan to offer compliant security token trading in the future and look forward to announcing those nearer the product launch. If you have a favorite exchange that can do security token listings, please let us know via our Telegram channel.

3. On the engineering front, the product has been in Alpha testing since the end of October. We have been getting great feedback — thanks to all the alpha testers and their Guardians — this is being incorporated into the next version of the product. If you would like to join the Alpha program, please signup on our Alpha page.

4. The Engineering team has also been hard at work on the Beta product and we've sneaked some preview screenshots onto our website. We will have more on the new look and feel in the new year.

This has been a terrific year, and we are excited to enter our launch year 2019. Thanks to everyone in the community. Season's Greeting everyone.
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