Backup essential information about your Home.

Backup essential information about your Home.

Instantly available essential info.

Vault12 Guard enables you to back up essential information about your home - insurance policies, the combination to your home safe, alarm PIN codes, Router admin password, passports/IDs in fact, anything that you might need in case of an emergency or simply because you are traveling.

Access that information instantly on your device, or set up a beneficiary that can access this info when you are not available.

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Securely back up documents IDs, and essential records.

The Vault12 Guard app helps you securely back up, and provide legacy inheritance for all your digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs, other cryptocurrencies, secrets like keys, seed phrases, PIN codes, digital art, and of course, your crypto Web3 wallets.

How it works

  • Create a digital Vault and invite your trusted circle of friends to guard the Vault.
  • Add your assets to the Vault.
  • The Vault12 Guard app will ensure these are encrypted and synced with your Guardians. Use the app to designate one of your Guardians as a beneficiary.


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Backup and Inheritance for Bitcoin

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