Protecting the future of Bitcoin and Ethereum, for this generation and the next.

    Decentralized Inheritance & Secure Storage Backup Vault for Bitcoin, Cryptoassets, Data, and Art.

    We live in uncertain times, with billions in crypto assets stolen or lost in the last three years alone. Investors need to take control of their assets and not rely on centralized exchanges or services (CEXs). What's needed is a simple and easy-to-use solution that offers security that works. This means decentralized, secure storage backup and inheritance of wallet seed phrases, private keys, data, and artwork in a completely self-sovereign manner.

    As the pioneer in crypto inheritance, Vault12 ensures crypto investors can harness their trusted personal network to protect generational wealth in an easy-to-use way, unlike other solutions. Seed Phrases and Private Keys are encrypted with powerful quantum-resistant algorithms and distributed to a mesh of mobile devices, dramatically reducing risk. There is no single point of failure on a cloud or a local device that can be lost or stolen, and no hardware wallet with compromised firmware.

    Activating Inheritance enables investors to designate an individual (typically the executor, trustee, or beneficiary) who will inherit their entire portfolio of digital assets stored in a secure Vault once the time comes.

    Vault12 is creating a decentralized ecosystem driven by security and privacy - but one that is easy to use to protect crypto wallets so that they are available to future generations.

    Protecting the future of crypto for this generation and the next.



    Social Recovery Vault for Digital Asset Security + Digital Inheritance for protecting the future of money.


    Backup and Inheritance for Bitcoin

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