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Company Timeline

16 Feb 2021

Introducing SecureMyCrypto a universal resource about crypto security

22 Oct 2020

Introducing Digital Inheritance to easily and directly transfer digital assets to future generations.

03 July 2020

Direct text input of seed phrases

21 Apr 2020

Vault12 app with VGT and ETH peer to peer payments available for download.

30 Oct 2019

Vault12 launches at San Francisco Blockchain Week, download from iOS and Android App Store

24 Aug 2019

Vault12 Trial Edition available in iOS and Android app stores.

08 Jul 2019

Vault12 Universal Beta available for both iOS and Android.

19 Jun 2019

Community Rewards program introduced.

12 Jun 2019

Transaction Split Proposal Approved by Blockchain Community Vote

31 Mar 2019

Vault12 Beta released

14 Nov 2018

VGT Token Generation completed.

14 Nov 2018

Smart Contract Security Audit Report completed by PepperSec.

31 Oct 2018

Alpha release of Vault12 app.

12 Sep 2018

Public Security Token Offering goes live

15 May 2018

Vault12 Private STO commences

12 Mar 2018

Vault12 releases white paper outlining project, distributed security network, token economics and live demo of Vault12 app.

18 Jan 2016

Alpha build of Vault12 mobile app for IOS goes live on Vault12 Secure Relay Network.

05 Nov 2015

First version of Vault12 Secure Relay released for community review.

05 Jan 2015

Vault12 begins work on the problem of distributed, secure crypto-assets storage


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Backup and Inheritance for Bitcoin

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