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Vault12 Blog

Ready, Steady, Vote now!

As announced earlier we are now ready to accept votes on the proposals for how our Vault12 tokens should function. Read our full announcement.

Voting is now live at if you are a VGT holder please vote to express your preference on the future direction of tokens on the Vault platform.

How to vote?

  1. Please visit the voting site to cast your vote. The site has summaries of the three proposals.
  2. You will need to have MetaMask installed. The purpose of MetaMask is to provide a friendly user interface for interacting with the contract. You can use MetaMask with your existing wallet (just import the private key or seed phrase).

DO NOT create a new wallet — the voting contract will only let people vote based on the wallet addresses that were holding VGT when the contract was created.

3. After your MetaMask is loaded you will see voting buttons for each option.

4. Scroll down to see your current address, VGT balance, and your current vote status.

5. Use buttons to vote and wait a few moments for your voting block to get mined — you won't see results until it is mined.

To look at raw voting data, you can view the contract directly —
The second value is the number of tokens voted, 4th value is the vote.