Introducing Vault12 Guard.
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Introducing Vault12 Guard.

Protecting the future of Web3 assets.. Version 2.0 of Vault12 app - now Vault12 Guard - brings inheritance for NFTs, Digital Art and Web3 wallets and a new easy onboarding experience for a broader set of people.


Introducing the newly revamped Vault12 Guard app, Version 2.0, designed for everyday users and offering native support for NFTs, digital art, and Web3 wallets. The updated app provides a simplified onboarding experience, making it easier for users to create a Vault and add assets. With the option to assign Guardians for fully decentralized backup and inheritance, the app now supports subscriptions via both Apple iOS App Store and Google Play App Store.

Vault12 Guard offers a consistent user experience with enhanced features, such as support for Web3 wallets, NFTs, and digital art. The app also allows creators to secure multiple Web3 wallets and original media files without capturing personal information about subscribers and Guardians.

Existing Vault12 customers can easily update their app when it becomes available, with the app icon transitioning to a new design. The app's functionality remains unchanged, with Guardians still essential for a fully decentralized backup and inheritance.

What is Vaut12 Guard?

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Today, we're excited to release Vault12 Guard, Version 2.0, which offers an entirely revamped user experience catering to a broader audience. With this update, we're rebranding the app to "Vault12 Guard" to emphasize its core function—safeguarding your vital Web3 assets and ensuring their inheritance for future generations.

New Experiences

Our team has been diligently working to enhance the Vault12 app, making it more accessible for everyday users and not just security experts.

We've also expanded its capabilities to encompass NFTs and artwork alongside cryptocurrencies. Some of these improvements were implemented in "hybrid" updates last year, such as the immediate backup of seed phrases without needing Guardians, which significantly streamlined the onboarding process.

Furthermore, we introduced support for subscriptions through Google's Play Store earlier this year, aligning it with the Apple iOS App Store.

What are the new features in Vault12 Guard

  1. Simple and easy onboarding. Create a Vault, add assets, and you are done protecting the assets at hand.
  2. For fully decentralized backup and inheritance, you can assign Guardians at your convenience.
  3. Vault subscriptions can now be done via Apple iOS App Store and Google Play App Store.
  4. New consistent user experience as you use the app to learn more and activate capabilities.
  5. Supports Web3 wallets, NFTs - including multiple media files, and digital art.
  6. Create security for creator projects where there are multiple Web3 wallets - including royalty wallets and multiple original media files that need protecting.
  7. Eliminated the need to capture personal information about Vault subscribers and Guardians.

What does this mean for existing Vault12 customers?

​When Vault12 Guard becomes available in app stores, you can effortlessly update your app. The app icon will transition to a new design, but apart from the interface changes, your Vault will continue functioning as before. No need to do anything else.

Why the name change?

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We believe that a name reflecting the app's primary purpose makes it more memorable and easily recognizable for potential users.

Additionally, with a new Fallout TV Show releasing this year, we wanted to distinguish our app from unrelated search results for "Vault12.”

How do I update the Vault12 app?

Simply update the app when it becomes available, and you'll see the new name and icon on your device. We recommend contacting your Guardians and encouraging them to update their app as well.

If Guardians are now optional, so how does inheritance work?

Guardians are not optional if you want an entirely distributed, decentralized backup or want to configure Inheritance. All that has changed is you don't have to assign Guardians the moment you create a new Vault; you can safely add assets that are protected by your device's biometric security.

Fully distributed, decentralized backups are enabled by assigning Guardians, as before. This way, if you lose your phone, the entire Vault can be recreated on your new phone.

Wasim Ahmad

Wasim is a serial entrepreneur with five exits, and an advisor in the fields of AI, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and encryption solutions. At Vault12, he led the private and public fundraising efforts, and focuses today on expanding the Vault12 ecosystem. His crypto experience began with AlphaPoint, where he worked with the founding team to launch the world's first crypto trading exchanges.

Previously he was a founding member of Voltage Security, a spinout from Stanford University, that launched Identity-Based Encryption (IBE), a breakthrough in Public Key Cryptography, and pioneered the use of sophisticated data encryption to protect sensitive data across the world's payment systems. Wasim serves on the board of non-profit, StartOut, and is a Seedcamp and WeWork Labs global mentor.

Wasim graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and French from the University of Sussex.


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