How to use your own Relays in the Vault12 Guard app.

How to use your own Relays in the Vault12 Guard app.

If your individual security considerations and threat model call for it, you may choose to deploy your own Zax relay using a custom URL.

For technical details, installation instructions, and source code check our Github repo:

How to add a Zax relay URL in the Guard app?

Adding a custom URL is done by navigating to the Advanced tab within the Vault12 Guard app Settings. Start by tapping the settings gear icon at the bottom of the navigation pane.



Once on the Advanced Settings page, tap "Relay Hosting." If you haven't already added a relay, the default URL will be indicated.


To add a custom URL, simply toggle the Custom URL section on. One URL entry will be shown by default, but you can add as many URLs as your membership supports. The Vault12 Guard app will automatically switch between relays to provide you with the best service.


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Art Krotou

Art is a crypto-security expert and researcher with serial entrepreneurship background. Having a degree in physics and experiences in multiple cutting-edge industries like fintech, secure hardware and semiconductors, and identity gave him a unique multi-faceted perspective on the problem of key management for individuals in the crypto networks and the evolution of the internet in general.

In his current work, he is specifically researching how cryptographic keys can be inherited without posing a threat to 3rd parties in edge cases. In addition, he advocates for "fault-tolerance via secrets automation". He discusses the quantitative impact of user experience factors on the uptake of non-custodial solutions.

As one of his most notable accomplishments, he co-founded and led through the early years of the company that contributed to the complex technology behind Apple's recent M-series CPUs. He is also the creator of the most friendly and aesthetically pleasing, but nonetheless super secure and fault-tolerant hardware wallet - U•HODL.

Check out his curated series of "Vault12 Learn" contributions below, and follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn for more sharp insights.


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